My blogging inspiration came from a Twitterati

It was May 2023. I had set up Twitter to establish my online presence. Twitter was my first place to express my thoughts because the crowd likes authenticity more than any other platform. I came across pretty amazing people that are outside my bubble. One such person is OOS. He calls himself Out Of Sigma.

Man is a mystery. He is smart, intelligent, and also great at multitasking. At first glance, he felt like a typical fake it till you make it internet guru. But being in his space and listening to his ground-level insights completely changed my opinion.

My first encounter was during a Twitter post where he mentioned he wanted to renew 700 domains. I was like, whaaaat? It was after a very long time someone had unusually flexed me. Like, C’mon tell me, how many friends do you have that own like 700 freakin domains?

Shiv Shankar's tweet with Oos regarding domain shopping

I realized there is a thing called domain investing, and what he did was not a flex. Later on, he joined Petti’s discord for some conversation. We connected along, and now I am a member of one of his private discords for builders & marketers.

One thing I admired was his blogging skills. He actively maintains his blog and writes his thoughts straight off the bat. Making himself vulnerable and not caring about what others might think. I like this attitude of transparency & authenticity.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Twitter algorithm for showing me him. Now, I have my own blog. Yay!

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